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Friday, September 08, 2006

Techno-klutz and the very expensive coffee

I simply cannot make myself be technologically adept.

In my last post, when I tried to link to my friend Dee's post about meeting each other in Atlanta last month, I didn't link to that post specifically, just to her blog in general, so if you clicked on the link, you were probably scratching your head and asking, "Huh? What does a rattlesnake have to do with it?" Or a dog with a Frisbee, or fancy boots or whatever she happened to be blogging about on that particular day. If that last bit confuses you, you'll just have to go read Dee's blog. Anyway, I've changed the link in my previous post.

Now, speaking of technology, take a lesson from me and keep all beverages far from your laptops, okay? A couple of weeks ago, my laptop had a close encounter with my morning coffee. That was one expensive cup of joe. Thank God the hard drive survived just fine even though I didn't know you should immediately unplug the thing and yank the battery so it can't short circuit. And thank God for my friend Jim, who found a replacement keyboard online. All is well, and my coffee is far from my laptop.

I am still figuring out my cell phone.


At September 09, 2006 6:18 AM, Blogger Belinda P. said...

So what you're really trying to say is Starbucks coffee is cheaper than computer coffee?

And you better learn your cell phone quick considering you're going to be gone quite a bit over the next two weeks!!!

Don't worry, you can use mine in Dallas. I'll let you!!

At September 09, 2006 6:31 AM, Blogger Meg said...

I'm just trying to say the morning caffeine should go into the person, not into the laptop.

I've figured out my phone, mostly. Lucky for me, it's not one of the newfangled models that do everything but tap-dance.

At September 09, 2006 6:41 PM, Anonymous Janet Bly said...

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At September 16, 2006 1:43 PM, Anonymous Victoria Gaines said...

Hi Meg! I'm in GA,too. Good to meet you. Come on over for a visit sometime.

God bless you,

At September 18, 2006 6:29 AM, Blogger Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by, Janet and Victoria. I visited your blogs/websites, too. Very nice!

At October 09, 2006 9:55 PM, Blogger Janet B said...

Meg: Greetings! Whoa, did I hear you mention Starbucks coffee? Can't do without my latte fix! Wanted you to know we've got our new website up about rodeo cowboy Hap Bowman's search for the gal of his dreams . . .
Thought you might like to take a peek. Commentary appreciated. We're still new at this technology stuff. Blessings, Janet Bly


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